TRIO Works!

We know it works, and we're sharing that with others every chance we get!

We started as students working and receiving services from the SSS grant at Colorado State University. To us, it was more than a place to get help, where we worked, and where we met friends. It was a community and a place where we all helped each other. That kind of place, that kind of experience, changes lives and changes the people around it. We know TRIO works, and we share our experience with anyone who will listen.

From our time as students, we developed a strong belief in helping people and contributing to our community. That's why we get involved, with our time, energy and resources.

We are an institutional member of COE, a supporter of the TRIO community, and a supporter of our local schools and communities. We were the first to offer Partnerships to GEAR UP grants across the country, donating a portion of our software and services. We continue to support the AAC program at Colorado State University, where some of our staff attended and worked over 20 years ago while in college.  

The StudentAccess Scholarship is another way we can give back. Find out more here.