Questions for considering trainings

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How much training do we need?

New and experienced users of all levels can benefit from training. We'll ask the level of knowledge your staff has now, and what your goal is for the training.

Who can attend training?

Everyone can attend training. The director, administrative staff, counselors, IT staff, and even institutional research. Let us know and we'll tailor to your needs.

Where can training be?

Live Web training is our most popular option, but it’s not the only one. We can also travel to your campus, or host a training near our office in beautiful
Fort Collins, CO.

Types of Training Available

We want your staff to feel confident in using our software so they can be successful. While many programs find StudentAccess intuitive and don't need training, others find training rewarding and empowering. We understand there are different learning styles and offer many types of training to meet individual needs. All training options can cover all aspects of the software or be tailored to focus on your needs.

Self-Paced Training

Included in all StudentAccess purchases, desktop or online, is a complimentary set of training videos. These go over the functionality, utilities, and most importantly, how the software helps prepare your data for the Department of Education’s Annual Performance Report. We make these videos ourselves, using our knowledgeable staff who know the ins and outs of the StudentAccess software.

Live Web Training

Along with the Self-Paced Training videos, we offer more robust training options for staff who feel they need additional support. For those who have staff in various locations or busy schedules, we offer Live Web training conducted through WebEx. Gather your staff together around a projector/computer, or have people dial in from their desks. We can show you anything you want to learn!

Onsite Training

We are also happy to travel to your campus. We recommend a computer lab or whatever would facilitate the number of people you want attending. If there’s a TRIO program near you, feel free to join forces and combine your training with another program. It’s a great way to network and hear how other TRIO programs operate and the tools they use to make their programs successful.

Classroom Training

In many cases, this can be a cost-effective way to have in-person training for your entire staff. We’d love to host a training of 4-6 people for everyone in your program. We're located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver and the Denver Airport. Many people take the opportunity to visit with friends or family in the area or enjoy the hiking, skiing, and activities the local mountains have to offer!

Ready to Schedule?

Review the pricing and give us a call at 800-801-1232. We'll help you decide what works best for you!

Self-Paced Training

Available Now!
Current customers can access with their keycodes or their SA Online home page.

Live Web Training

WebEx style training
1 Session $499
2 Session $998
3 Session $1497

Onsite Training

At your campus or office
1 Day (2 sessions) $3999
2 Day (3 sessions) $4999

Classroom Training

In Fort Collins, CO
1 Day (2 sessions) $1999
2 Day (3 sessions) $3499